Why Eduardo?

1- Elegance: He has performed a solo concert at Carnegie Hall.

2- Quality: Winner of 10 International Guitar Competitions.

1. Alhambra International Guitar Competition - Dallas (2010)

2. Indiana International Guitar Competition (2010)

3. Sholin Guitar Competition, Tucson, Arizona (2009)

4. Fifth Saint Joseph International Guitar Competition (2007)

5. Portland International Guitar Competition (2007)

6. IV Beeston Guitar Competition (2006)

7. XV Souza Lima Guitar Competition (2004)

8. VIII Musicalis Guitar Competition (2004)

9. XIV Souza Lima Chamber Music Competition (2003)

10. XIII Rising Project – USP – Classical Music Competition. (2003)

3- Discipline: Doctorate in Music

4- Value: Provides a complimentary wireless microphone for announcements and speeches for events (additional charge for weddings)

5- Stellar Reviews:

6- Just listen to this:


Latin/Bossa Nova

Classical Guitar


7- And this:

8- 2 in 1! Plays soft percussion and guitar simultaneously, with NO PRE-RECORDED TRACKS, adding a perfect combination of rhythm and instrumental as seen in samples. Eduardo developed his own combination of audio devices and settings after years of trial and error.

9- Experience: Hired for HUNDREDS of Weddings and Corporate Events. He has seen it all, and it is ready to adapt to any unforeseeable circumstance.

10- Sure to put a smile on your face :)