Carnegie Hall

Dear Friends,

My Carnegie Hall Concert Debut was a tremendous success :)

The hall was packed (250 seats) and the audience seemed to have really enjoyed the entire performance. I want to thank D’Addario for inviting me to perform at their renowned guitar series and for making my experience in New York really pleasurable. I got the chance to visit the factory and meet the great team that runs that organization. I also had the privilege of watching up close how strings were made and let me tell you, it is fantastic how effective is their production line! The people who work there are very skilled and besides their strict schedule and discipline, they also work together like a family towards improving the quality of their products. The company is very proud to say that more than half of the workers are musicians themselves and many of them have been working there for at least 10 years. It is also great to see that D’Addario thinks about the environment and their string packets are made of a renewable source material. They also certainly know how to treat their artists; they had me stay at a gorgeous hotel one block away from the Carnegie Hall and five minutes from Times Square. They hired limos to take care of all the logistics such as picking me up from the airport, taking me to their factory and performing at Midori & Friends association. The Midori performance was held at an after-school program for kids of 8-11 years old; it was great to be able to perform and inspire those kids, I felt great to put a smile on their faces :)

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